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swirling up in the tree
I go up to my hive
and share some honey with my tribe
I sing and dance and flap my wings
to communicate with other beings
Today I have made my share
and fought a good fight
Now I rest my wings
and bid you good night.
by Bryce Handa (first grade)

by Sophia

A huge change
Outside bugs
Rare bugs
Buzzing around
Excitement in the air
Extremely painful when they sting
Stuff they make we call honey
----By Lucie Powers, third grader

By Grace Miller, 3AB
Bees fly around on glinting wings,
In self defense they give us stings.
They help us out, they pollinate,
They've grown the food that we once ate.
Beehives are becoming limited, disappearing here and there--
We need more bees! Come help us please! To have bees everywhere.
And this will be my last few words, before I go away--
If you want to get more beehives, help us read!
Read every day! Anna Rose Robinson.
Bees are really great things.Only......Sometimes they .......SNEEZE!
they help us REALLY! please! oh you want me to get to the tasty side. hmmmm .They make.................HONEY!
Delicious! OH BEES OH BEES oh sorry bees yes . I LOVE BEES!
HELP THE BEES! oh and did i mention TO READ!! THANK YOU!!!

I like this poem. I found this poem on a website:
here are the first couple of stanzas -Maeve perich 1

The Bee

by: C.B. Langston

Is it the beauty of the flower,

Its honeyed sweets or fragrant power,

That first attracts the bee?

The blossom that our eye enchants,

He passes by for other plants,

Whose flowers we do not see.

I've seen the rose, delighted, glow,

And all its pow'rful essence throw

T' attract the wary thief;

But he pass'd on to whither grew

A flaunting poppy, gay of hue,

And lit upon its leaf.

Feed him with apricocks and dewberries,
With purple grapes, green figs and mulberries;
The honey-bags steal from the humble-bees,
And for night-tapers crop their waxen thighs
And light them at the fiery glow-worm's eyes,
To have my love to bed and to arise;
(Queen Titania, III, i, A Midsummer Night's Dream)
-----Ted McAdams

Honey is yummy
for my tummy.
I put it on bread
like a spread.
I put it on a stick
and give it a lick.
--By Alexander Angelidis, K

The Need for Bees
By Thomas Perich
Buzzing all around
Pollinating the flowers
Making the world pretty

The Bee Poem by Anna in K
Bees mak huny
evry day
the kween bee
sits orau all day

I'm A Little Honeybee
(to the tune of "I'm a little Tea Pot"
by Emma in Kindergarten
I'm a little honeybee
Yellow and black
See me gather
Pollen on my back
what the queen bee tells me
I must do
So I can make sweet honey for you!

I See A Bee by Sofie Jarrett - Kindergarten
I see a bee
right in the sky,
and then I see
the flowers bloom.
When bees go up
and bees go down,
they help the flowers
bloom in-ground.

I Love Bees by Vianne Hughes - Kindergarten

Bees help nature grow.

Bees make honey.

Bees are friends of the earth.

Bees are funny.

The Bee by andrew Downing

Is drowsy, and it comforts me;

But, ah! 'tis quite another thing,

When that same bee concludes to sting!

Thomas Perich

Bee Happy

by Patrick

Bee happy when you

eat honey

It's yummy for your tummy.

Bees by Grayson Rosewag

Bees Bees Bees Bees go buzz

Buzz Buzz.

Bees in the Spring time in the Summer too.

Everywhere I go I hear Buzz Buzz Buzz.

Bees are so Buzzey when they make all that honey.

So they need a good night's sleep.

The Bee Day

by Lucas Niepold

Summer days in cold nests,

Bees flying everywhere,

Queens laying eggs.

The girls collect pollen while

the boys hang out and have a dance party.

Poems collected by Carlyssa Prather -


Today I saw a bumblebee.

He was on a pretty rose.

I leaned in to look at him,

and he stung me on my nose!

I wasn't gonna squish him,

only watch and see...

but I'll never get THAT close again

to a grouchy grumble-bee.

Five Little Bees

One little bee blew and flew.

He met a friend, and that made two.

Two little bees, busy as could be --

along came another and that made three.

Three little bees, wanted one more,

Found one soon and that madke four.

four little bees, going to the hive.

Spied their little brother, and that made five.

Five little bess working every hour --

Buzz away, bees, and find another flower.

Two Children by Spike Mulligan

Two children (small), one Four, one Five,

Once saw a bee go in a hive,

They'd never seen a bee before!

So waited there to see some more.

and sure enough along they came

A dozen bees (and all the same!)

within the hive they buzzed about;

Then, one by one, they all flew out.

Said Four: 'Those bees are silly things,

But how I wish I had their wings!'

The Bee!

By Sarah Grade 5
The buzzing bee flies to his hive,
To share the honey with his tribe.
He pollinates at every flower,
and helps until there's flower powe
Now the bee is almost there,
He sees his hive (also his lair) .

But soon he sees an awful sight,
Huge people want to start a fight.
So the bee starts to sing,
A little tune while he stings.
He stings so he can stay safe,
And does this at any place.
So that's the life of a bee,
I hope that now you all see,
Those bees all mean a lot to ME!!!